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The mammalian toxicology studies in a regulatory perspective help the sponsors with evaluation of safety of the new or generic molecules as well as formulations. JRF focuses largely on providing toxicology services in the areas of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, biocides and agrochemicals industries.

JRF has a world-class toxicology facility with state-of-the-art Barrier Maintained Facility, which is designed to house SPF [Specific Pathogen Free] or rodents under gentle and clean environment in compliance with the AAALAC / guideline requirements.

JRF has a strong capability for undertaking the entire long-term rodent studies [sub-acute to carci studies] using imported Specific Pathogen Free certified rodents, along with sterile certified feed in conformity with the global standards

JRF undertakes plethora of toxicology testing, ranging from simple acute toxicity studies to complex prenatal development teratology, multi-generation reproduction studies as well as 24 month combined chronic carcinogenicity studies.




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