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JRF, the Global Contract Research Organization, "Your Partner of Choice for Regulatory Safety Evaluations"


JRF offers a range of services from


  • Jai Research Foundation in India

  • JRF America in the US

  • JRF International in the UK 




JRF - Global has thus emerged as a CRO in Pursuit of global Excellence.

  • The organization offers an integrated service, utilizing our global expertise to provide cost efficient studies acceptable to all regulatory authorities. 

  • Our 'Local' offices in the US and Europe ensures communications easier and more personal.

JRF America, offers 

  • highly specialized environmental fate, metabolism and metabolite identification services. 

  • The scientists at JRF America have expertise in supporting the field programs aimed at residual test compounds, metabolites and degradation products.

JRF International in the UK, offers 

  • consultancy services, including REACH (only-representative services, dossier compilation, literature searches, company representation), 

  • biocide, pesticide, and pharmaceutical registration, risk assessment, expert reports and study monitoring. 

We offer specialized services in environmental fate and general toxicology.


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