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Gene Expression Analysis has proven very effective tool for Target Discovery Prioritization and Validation, Lead Compound Selection and Optimization, Compound Toxicological Profiling etc. To effectively select and prioritize lead compound with improved odds of utility, one must characterize compound for both their potential capability of adversely affecting a desired target / non target tissues. Early effect of unwanted side effects of pharmacologically active substances is vital to establishing rapid screens avoiding costly failures in the clinical arena. e.g. liver damage is still the leading reason for withdrawing drugs from the market and for abandoning lead candidate during development. The present methods based on usage of lab animals involve a full assessment of all lead compounds using current toxicological method. On the other hand, high density Microarray analysis is impractical because of its high cost and time required for test in toxicological method.

To address this deficit, JRF has started Gene Expression Analysis service using Real Time PCR technology with the array of set of gene markers for variety of toxicological end points. JRF offer full range of service which includes dosing of drug compound to invivo in animal or invitro in cultured cells, designing array of primers for set of genes according to sponsor requirements, Total RNA extraction from animal tissue or cultured cells, cDNA synthesis of RNA, RT-PCR / qRT-PCR run and statistical analysis of Gene Expression data. We can also offer service for deciphering disease pathway for your compounds.


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