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Every test substance is likely to affect the environment during their planned / accidental exposure. These include effect of water [Hydrolysis] light [photolysis], microbial or abiotic biodegradation in soil; effect on carbon and nitrogen transformation of the soil microbes; adsorption/desorption and leaching in/on soil.

JRF is the leading Efate service provider in eastern part of the globe. It has strong capabilities of undertaking all the Efate studies in compliance with the leading global guidelines, using normal and radioactive test substance.
Studies conducted also include activated sludge inhibition, hydrolysis as function of pH, adsorption/desorption, leaching, ready and inherent biodegradability, metabolism, photolysis and carbon-nitrogen transformation.

Metabolism in plant and soil (radiolabelled/non-radiolabelled) and persistence studies of agrochemicals on different substrates eg. soil, water, plant, raw and processed agricultural commodities are under-taken. Contamination and heavy metal analysis is also carried out.

List of Studies


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