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Ecotoxicological studies lead to evaluation of the overall environmental impact assessment with aquatic, terrestrial and avian life forms. JRF offers comprehensive toxicity evaluation services with all these life forms.



Aquatic Ecotoxicology evaluation revolve around studies on various non-target organisms of aquatic environment. Ecotoxicological (Aquatic) studies are required to determine the hazard classification of agrochemicals, biocides speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals to evaluate their potential for short/long-term risks to non-target organisms.

Terrestrial Toxicology is concerned with the effects of chemicals on soil dwelling organisms, insects and other non-target organisms. JRF, offers acute earthworm, Honeybee and bird toxicity studies, with Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) and Mallard duck (Anas polatyrhynchos).


List of Aquatic Studies

List of Terrestrial Studies



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