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The Chronic Section offers a complete package of Repeated Dose Toxicity studies: 

  • Carcinogenicity Study, Chronic Toxicity Study and Combined Chronic/Carcinogenicity studies in Rodents.

  • Repeated Dose (14/28/30/90/180 days) Toxicity Studies with or without Toxicokinetics incompliance with: 

    • Regulatory guidelines such as OECD, EPA, EC, EMEA, ICH, Schedule "Y", FDA and WHO. 

    • Following Various Routes of Administration viz. Oral (Gavage and Dietary), Dermal, Parentral (Intravenous, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intraperotoneal etc.) and Inhalation.

We offers Functional Observational Battery (FOB) with the Repeated Dose Toxicity Study which includes: 

  • Neurobehavioural observations 

  • Sensory Reactivity 

  • Motor Activity Measurements using Photo Beam Activity Measurement System 

  • Grip Strength Measurement 

  • Hind limb Foot Splay Measurements 

We also offers the Modified Irwin Tests including around 50 parameters to assess and quantifying the behavioural and physiological state of the rodents and Field studies such as live stock exposure and field Operator Exposure Studies.

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