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JRF chemistry department offers a comprehensive analytical and bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biocides and chemical industries. Spread over 1000 m2 of generic and specialized laboratory space. JRF conducts a wide variety of studies in compliance with ICH, EC, OECD, OPPTS and SANCO guidelines as well as methods laid down by the Pharmacopeias, FAO, WHO, AOAC and CIPAC in compliance with OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practices.

The areas of expertise include 5 batch analysis with impurity profiling, Method development and validation in various matrices including plasma and animal tissues, full range of Product chemistry, Product stability, Residue analysis, Persistence studies in natural matrices like water, soil, sludge etc., Analytical chemistry and Environmental Fate and Metabolism studies.

Our team of well-qualified, compitent and highly trained staff is accustomed to perform studies conforming to national and international guidelines, standards and specifications. The studies are conducted using sophisticated infrastructure and state of art modern analytical equipments like mass coupled gas and liquid chromatographs, gas and liquid chromatographs with wide range of detectors including headspace, TEA and fluorescence. Spectroscopic analysis are offered using Atomic absorption, UV-Vis and FTIR, while JRF has access to NMR spectroscopy as well as ICP.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry as well as Thermo gravimetric analyzers enhance the analytical capabilities, by offering very high sensitivities, during analysis.



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